Full Body Waxing for Men & Women

Hair needs to be at least 1/4-inch long to be waxed. This is about the length of a grain of rice or your lower eyelashes. Hair that is 1-inch or longer will need to be trimmed down for an additional $10. If you are on Accutane, you are NOT a candidate for waxing on any part of the body. 

Eyebrows        $15
Lip $10
Chin $10
Cheeks $15
Fingers/Hands $10
Full Chest $60
Full Back $60
Shoulders $20
Lower Abdomen $15
Arms $40
Underarms  $20
Toes/Feet $10
Half Legs $45
Full Legs $60
Derriere $25
Bikini $40
Brazilian $60
Mankini $50
Manzilian $70
Manscaping $80+
Full Body By Consult

Waxing can cause the area that was treated to appear darker in pigmentation. To even out the skin tone, you may consider Intimate Skin Bleaching

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