Intimate Skin Bleaching

Skin lightening of the intimate areas of the body has become one of the latest trends in aesthetic treatments. Intimate Skin Bleaching (ISB) can help to lighten and restore a more even skin tone up to 2 to 3 shades lighter. There are many factors ranging from lifestyle to health that may contribute to the darker pigmentation. Only a certified professional who has been properly trained can help you determine if you are a candidate for Intimate Skin Bleaching. You should expect the professional to:
1) perform a thorough consultation
2) use only safe ingredients
3) be able to refer you to a health care provider, if needed
4) be compassionate, non-judgmental and professional
6) provide you with modest care for your comfort (e.g. cover you when not working in the area)
7) be highly knowledgeable about skin, as well as sexual health 

     In the meantime, there are some changes that you can make to help minimize further discoloration. For example, to avoid discoloration of the anal area avoid consuming dark sodas, coffee, and artificial dyes in foods. Discontinuing use of antiperspirants/deodorants that contain alcohol also helps reduce pigmentation in the underarm area. Shaving and waxing of the genital areas causes more pigmentation due to heat, inflammation and friction.

     You should always consult a doctor if you suspect that your discoloration may be due to a health condition. A certified professional may refer you to an appropriate health provider if they determine that you may have a health condition present. Abigail Fuentes is the first Certified Intimate Skin Bleaching Specialist in the United States and second in the world. This unique treatment is performed using only safe ingredients and protocols to achieve skin lightening results. The following are the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding Intimate Skin Bleaching.

What is Intimate Skin Bleaching? Having uneven skin pigmentation can cause some people to feel embarrassed and self conscious. This treatment lightens darker discoloration of the skin for a more even skin tone. It is commonly referred to as anal bleaching. However, other areas of the body can be treated as well.

Can everyone receive Intimate Skin Bleaching treatments? There are some risks associated with this treatment. During the consultation, we are able to determine if you are a candidate to receive ISB based on your health history and personal lifestyle. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not eligible for this treatment.

Is there anything I should do or avoid prior to my first ISB appointment? To prevent irritation, do not shave/ wax the area to be treated 3-5 days prior. Please arrive to your appointment freshly cleaned/showered 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time. 

What can I expect at my first ISB appointment? We will begin with a consultation to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment. Safe, professional grade products are applied to the desired treatment area. You may experience the sensation of warmth and/or mild tingling to the area being treated. You will be encouraged to purchase a home care kit that is essential for maximum results. To prevent irritation, do not shave/wax the area that was treated until 3-5 days afterwards. 

Is there anything I should do or avoid after each ISB appointment? Avoid bathing/showering for at least 6-8 hours. Otherwise, the treatment will get washed off too soon and it may delay results. Also, avoid any strenuous activities that may cause your body to heat up and/or sweat, including sexual intercourse. Apply the home care kit products as instructed. Home care is essential to achieve maximum results. Do not shave/wax the area that was treated until 3-5 days afterwards. 

How many treatments will I need to see results? Each person's level of pigmentation varies. Therefore, results will also vary on the amount of treatments needed to achieve the desired results. Intimate skin bleaching on average requires a series of at least 6 weekly/biweekly consistent treatments to start, per area. If you have severe pigmentation, it may require additional treatments to achieve the full potential results of lightening. ISB is a progressive treatment series. The treatment progress will be determined based on consistent professional treatments, you following the home care kit regimen and lifestyle changes that are recommended.

What body area(s) can be treated?

  1. Anal area
  2. Vaginal/Testicular & Groin area
  3. Inner Thighs
  4. Underarms
  5. Neck
  6. Nipples
  7. Under Breasts
  8. Knees
  9. Elbows

What is the cost for each treatment?

ISB Treatment $70 (Per area)

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