Body Treatments

Specialized custom treatments to address the skincare needs of the more intimate areas of the body.

Body Treatments:

Buffing Back Purification                               $75 Whether dealing with back acne or needing exfoliation in this hard to reach area, this treatment leaves the skin on your back feeling cleansed and buffed. 45 minutes

Underarm Detox                                   $60 Dealing with underarm darkness? This treatment helps to lighten and detox the underarm area while dislodging ingrown hairs caused by shaving/waxing, antiperspirants and chafing. 30 minutes

Secret Spot Vagacial                             $90 This vagacial gives attention to the bikini area to lighten the pigmentation and detox the pores while dislodging ingrown hairs caused by friction and shaving/waxing. 45 minutes

Derriere Care                              $90 Diminish clogged hair follicles and bacteria that often cause unsightly acne breakouts on the buttocks cheeks. Also helps to lighten old blemishes to restore an even skin tone. 45 minutes

Add-On Enhancements:

Extractions $10